King Cookdaily: Where Plant-Based Perfection Hides in Plain Sight

King Cookdaily: Where Plant-Based Perfection Hides in Plain Sight

Epic Veggie Finds in Shoreditch

If you ever find yourself strolling down Hanbury Street in Shoreditch, London, and spot a low-key spot named King Cookdaily, don’t just walk on by. Tucked away like a secret, this unassuming kiosk might be the best plant-based discovery you make in the city. Despite its humble appearance, King Cookdaily boasts a revered status among plant-based enthusiasts, and for good reason.

The Sneaky Setup

King Cookdaily doesn’t scream for attention. In a neighborhood filled with flashy, overhyped eateries, this spot keeps things chill. With only 11 dishes on the menu sporting names like “Infamous,” “Yoga Fire,” and “High Grade,” it’s easy to miss the magic happening above the till. But once you’re in the know, you’re in for a treat.

Veggies Take the Crown

While some vegans make their presence known from a mile away, King Cookdaily takes a different approach. You might need a menu perusal to realize there’s not a shred of meat in sight. The atmosphere leans towards Buddhist tranquility, but the devil is in the details, and those details are delicious.

Menu Must-Haves

Let’s talk about the “High Grade” bowl, a veggie symphony featuring carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, yams, and a generous helping of minced garlic. Stewed to perfection, it takes a dip in a smoky sweet-and-sour barbecue sauce and gets crowned with a sprinkle of hemp. Pro tip: it pairs amazingly with steamed coconut rice or a tofu upgrade. And yes, there’s a cheeky “chick’n” option for those who want the cluck without the cruelty.

My personal favorite, the “Yoga Fire,” is a gentle dance of spiced yellow curry with chickpeas, sweet potatoes, and mung bean dal. Simmered to perfection in golden coconut milk, it rests on a bed of steamed rice and gets a cool cucumber raita finish. It’s not just fast food; it’s a fast track to feeling good.

The Man Behind the Bowls

Meet Chef King Cook, the maestro of plant-based perfection since 2009. His previous spot in Box Park was a magnet for hip-hop artists, film stars, and the cool crowd. You’d think the new venture would come with bells, whistles, and Instagram-ready aesthetics, right? Nope. Same low-key vibe, same eco-friendly bowls and cardboard forks. No frills, just fabulous food.

Not Your Average Vegan Fare

In a world where vegan often means deep-fried and decadent, King Cookdaily keeps it fresh. No need for plates – think biodegradable bowls and cardboard forks. Forget fancy sodas; opt for one of the five Thai Foco pops on offer. Don’t even bother asking for a posh kombucha; instead, try the Peak Calm “mood drink” to soothe your soul.

Why It Works

King Cookdaily might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s the kind of place that makes you question why you’d ever clutter your system with meat. The “Hard Bowl,” showcasing twice-cooked cassava, is a testament to the mastery of veggies. Cooked the wrong way (trust me, I’ve tried), cassava can be a disaster. But in the hands of King Cook, it becomes a heavenly mix with ackee, boiled dumplings, fresh thyme, and just the right kick of scotch bonnet chili.

Final Thoughts

King Cookdaily is the future of vegan dining – a blend of old favorites presented in a new light. It’s a reminder that sometimes, we just can’t replicate this level of veggie perfection in our home kitchens. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or just testing the plant-based waters, there’s something quietly reassuring about knowing there’s a maestro in East London who lets his food do the talking.