Best Fast Food Spots Across the States: Must-Try Picks

Best Fast Food Spots Across the States: Must-Try Picks

Best Fast Food. When you touch down in California, the one thing on your mind (besides soaking up that awesome weather) is sinking your teeth into an In-N-Out burger. It’s a ritual for travelers craving that classic, perfectly-cooked double burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and their special spread. The wait might feel like forever, but trust me, it’s all part of the experience. For millions, this taste of home is pure bliss and the ultimate welcome.

Florida: PDQ 

PDQ has nailed the art of fresh, never-frozen chicken. Their crispy chicken sandwich with pimento cheese, bacon, and crunchy potato chips is mind-blowing. And let’s talk sauces—creamy garlic, chipotle pepper barbecue, and sweet and hot sriracha. They’re on another level. Plus, their zucchini fries? Totally counts as a veggie, right?

Georgia: Waffle House 

Picture this: it’s the ’50s in Avondale Estates, and two locals open a 24/7 joint focused on waffles. Fast forward, Waffle House is a breakfast haven found everywhere. This spot is the go-to for an all-day, all-night affordable breakfast, becoming an American icon along the way. With over 2,000 locations, it’s practically a national institution.

Alabama: Milo’s 

Milo’s, a long-running favorite, serves up grilled-bun burgers and more since the ’40s. Their quirky charm includes giving you a little extra in your order. Fried pies, buttermilk biscuits with smoky Conecuh sausage, and killer crinkle-cut fries are their jam. Oh, and their sweet tea? It’s supermarket famous.

Alaska: Arctic Roadrunner 

This gem in Anchorage has been rocking one of the best fast food menus since the ’60s. They keep it local with salmon and halibut burgers, perfect for a summer date on their outdoor deck. And when the weather cools, cozy up by the fireplace with a milkshake.

Arizona: Eegee’s 

Tucson’s pride, Eegee’s, has been dishing out frosty-cold lemon eegees and delicious grinders since the ’70s. It might not have swayed the United Nations, but Tucsonans swear by it. Those frozen lemonades and amazing grinders are a must-try.

Arkansas: Slim Chickens 

Forget plastic chicken fingers—Slim Chickens goes all-natural with 17 drool-worthy sauces. Founded barely 20 years ago in Northwest Arkansas, this joint has some seriously tasty chicken.

Colorado: Good Times 

Colorado might be holding onto this gem, serving up all-natural Montana beef and top-quality ingredients. They’re known for their small-batch frozen custard and mornings packed with zesty breakfast burritos.

Connecticut: Ted’s Restaurant

Steamed cheeseburgers, a very specific part of Connecticut’s culture since the ’20s, remain a hit. Ted’s in Meriden is like a bite-sized slice of history with its juicy steamed burgers covered in melty white cheddar.

Delaware: Capriotti’s

Capriotti’s, originally from Wilmington, dishes out The Bobbie, a turkey sandwich with all the Thanksgiving trimmings. If you’re not into Thanksgiving dinners, well, we might have a problem.

These fast-food joints, from classic burger stands to local favorites, are all about quick, delicious eats with a local flair. Whether it’s iconic burgers, drool-worthy chicken, or nostalgic sandwiches, these spots make fast food a whole lot tastier.